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Dora - vježbenica i bojanka

Dora DVD 01-04

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Activity Book + DVD - Multimedia


Team of fearless warriors against evil!

Ninjitsu warriors guided by the great master Splinter and armed with top weapons . Four brothers, ninja turtles, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donattelo and Raphael fight the evil Shredder and the alien conquerers.

Each activity book will bring you free DVD containg 3 episodes.

Winx (Season 6) - Audio / Video Service

Megapopularne 'Winx club' series is going on. Our dubbing studio produced new, sixth season's Croatian version dubbing.

Sam i Cat - Audio / Video Service

'Sam And Cat' is another teenager live action show produced by Nickelodeon. It is spin-off of two Nickelodeon famous brands - 'iCarly' and 'Victorious.

Sam (from iCarly) and Cat (from Victorious) are a bit older now and they live together. They are going through crazy everday's adventures trying to sail through their lives.

Thundermans - Audio / Video Service

Thundermans is one very strange family. They have super powers yet livinig ordinary lives. Or at least they try to keep it ordinary!

We have successfully dubbed this new Nickelodeon live action series.

Sustav eCinema - Software

Yet another Croatian theater accepted our 'NET eCinema' software solution for their business.

It is 'City Cinema Bjelovar'.


Rocket Monkeys - Audio / Video Service

'Rocket Monkeys' is new animated series produced by Nickelodeona.

We have dubbed these unbelievable adventures of Gus i Wally and robot Yay during their space travel by rocket under guidance and help by smart Dr. Chimpskya.

Dora The Explorer - DVD distribution


The best friend of all preschool girls is coming with her friends in their funny and educational adventures. Enjoy Dora's adventures on 4 DVDs.

Dinology Junior - Activity Book 5 - Multimedia

The new activity book from our series 'Dinology Junior' brings new entertaining and educational queries that will help our preschoolers to practice their skills in writing, math, nature and other didactical skills. For the first time this book brings competiting games to played by two players.


The Land Of Giants & The Big Claw - DVD distribution

In those two special episodes of 'Walking with..' series, scientist Nigel travels through the time to the past. Nigel witnesses the life during one of the most dangerous time on Earth.

He travels among the biggest animals that ever lived on Earth and he's trying to find the owner of the biggest claws ever found as a fossil.

The Ballad Of Big Al - DVD distribution

The creators of the 'Walking with Dinosaurs' TV show that took the world by storm have returned to tell the story of Big Al, an allosaurus whose amazing fossil was unearthed in USA. Not only were the bones they found those of a dinosaur that lived 145 million years ago, the skeleton of this creature was very nearly complete.

Walking with monsters - DVD distribution

From the creators of legendary Walking with dinosaurs the new and stunning show was produced. Walking with monsters epsko is an epic research of survival battles raging all across Earth hundreds of millions of years. Cutting edge production technology gives us an opportunity to witness those stunning and terrifying creatures once walking on the Earth.

Three episodes of 90 minutes in total duration on one DVD.

In distribution.

Zack & Quack - Audio / Video Service

Zack and Kira are little boy and girl. But not usual ones. They live in a pop-up world. Pop-up world is somthing that everybody has seen in wonderful picturebooks in which the characters and objects raise up from the pages. This way we could get wonderful 3D world following the story.

Really unique computer animation brings us in that pop-up world and very mild, interesting and educational stories are suitable for the children of preschool age.

Slugterra - Audio / Video Service

Slugterra' is animated TV show showing adventures of Eli Shane and his faithful friends Kord, Trixie and pronto in the fight against evil Dr. Blakk. The fights are done by special weapons that fire little 'slugs' with different characteristics.

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