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Paw Patrol DVD 1-4 - Multimedia

In the first season of Paw Patrol we meet Marshall, Chase, Skye and Rubble, brave pups who save anyone who gets into trouble in Adventure Bay, and Ryder, their boy leader. These four DVDs contain the very first episodes of the animated chidlren's series where the fearless puppies go through numerous adventures.

We released the DVDs with Croatian dubbing in 2016.

Robocar Poli - Audio / Video Services

This animated show follows Poli, a police car that can turn into a robot. Nothing can stop him or his gang of friends in their rescue missions. In your hour of need, you can count on them. We dubbed the first season of this show into Croatian in 2017.

Dinology Junior - Activity Book 7 - Multimedia

As well as previous editions, Dinology Junior Activity Book 7 helps children to learn new things in an interesting way. It offers them educational content with a common theme, or to be more precise, season - winter is the common denominator to this edition.

We published this activity book in 2016. 

Rusty Rivets - Audio / Video Services

Rusty is a little boy who uses his inovation skills to turn old parts into new gadgets and machines. His inventions are mostly created in his mobile laboratory, with the help from his friends Ruby, Botasaur and Bits. Rusty and the gang teach the children about the power of technology and the importance of recycling.

We have been dubbing this animated children's show since the start of the first season in 2016. For interesting games and additional content, visit

Regal Academy - Audio / Video Services

Rose is a teenage girl who discovers a way into the Fairy Land and ends up in Regal Academy, a prestigious school. There she'll soon find out that the headmistress is her grandmother and decide to stay so she can learn more about magic. Not only that, she'll make new friends along the way and go through all kinds of adventures with better and lesser known fairytale characters.

We dubbed the first season of this animated show in our Zagreb studio.

Every Witch Way - Audio / Video Services

Every Witch Way was a teen sitcom following Emma, a young girl who just moved to a new school. On top of that, she learned that she was a very powerful witch. From that point on, she had to juggle her newfound identity and everyday struggles of a highschool life. But, everything is easier when you have a mentor and good friends by your side.

We successfully dubbed the entire four seasons run of this Nickelodeon series.

Albert - Audio / Video Services

Albert is a tiny Douglas fir tree dreaming of becoming the most famous New York Christmas tree. Determined to make his dream a reality, Albert starts on a journey with his friend palm-tree Maisie and Gene the Weed. But, cactus Pete has other plans and tries to stop them from achieving their goal.

We dubbed this Nickelodeon TV-film in 2016. 

The Day Henry Met... - Audio / Video Services

Henry is a little boy who explores the world around him with each new episode, object by object, animal by animal. And each day, Henry learns something new. This animated educational series is targeted at the youngest audience.

We have been dubbing it in our Zagreb studio since 2016.

Nickstravaganza: Ho Ho Holiday Special - Audio/Video Services

This holiday special follows young Nickelodeon stars who are invited to a Christmas party. But the fantastic party soon turns iton a trap set by a mysterious stranger. In order to be able to leave, young actors will have to master mulitiple holiday-themed obstacles.

We dubbed this Nickelodeon TV-film in 2016.

El Americano - Audio / Video Services

Cuco is a Mexican parrot who spends his days imitating his favourite TV star and his stunts, while neglecting his duties at the family circus. But things are about to change as a gang of birds overtakes the circus by force. Little Cuco will go on a quest for his TV hero, but along the way, he'll find the hero within himself.

We dubbed this feature-length animated movie to Croatian in 2016.

School of Rock - Audio / Video Services

The series is based on the 2003 movie of the same name and it follows students from Texas who secretly form a bend, encouraged by their new teacher. Dewey Finn is not an average teacher who believes in conventional methods. Instead, he uses rock'n'roll to inspire his students.

Our Zagreb studio is currently dubbing the third and last season of this musical series.

Sofia the First - Audio / Video Services

Sofia the First is Disney produced animated children series whose first season was dubbed in our Zagreb studio. It follows a young girl named Sofia living a simple country life in the kingdom of Enchantia. But everything changes when her mother marries King Roland. Over night, Sofia becomes a princess and has to adjust to her new role. With the help from a magical amulet, she becomes able to talk to animals and summon Disney princesses in her time of need.


Lost in the West - Audio / Video Services

This comedy mini-series follows two stepbrothers who accidentally invent a time machine which transports them into 1885. To Wild West, of all places! There, they soon get info conflict with the local mayor. Now they have to find a way out of that messy situation and return to present day, safe and sound.

Our studio dubbed the three episodes of this Nickelodeon live action western series in 2016.

The Loud House - Audio / Video Services

If you're watching The Loud House, prepare ear plugs because it's neither quiet nor boring there. Reason: 11 lively children. The main hero of this animated Nickelodeon comedy series is Lincoln. As he is the only son, he tries to survive each new day in a household with 10 sisters, with help from his friend Clyde. Despite their disagreements, affection always wins in this family.

We have been dubbing The Loud House since 2016.

Rufus - Audio / Video Services

Manny has transferred schools and he is worried about fitting in. After he accidentally turns Rufus, the family dog, into a boy, Manny is unsure what to do. So he enrolls him into school where Rufus goes around asking for belly rubs or chasing squirrels. This strange behaviour actually makes im quite popupular, which makes Manny jealous. He has yet to realize that a dog really is a man's best friend.

We dubbed this Nickelodeon short film in 2016.

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