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Planet Dinosaur - DVD distribution

From the deadliest killers to the biggest and strangest beasts, Planet Dinosaur brings to life a new and terrifying world of dinosaurs.This series uses the latest CGI and cutting edge research to reveal the deadly secrets of these new giants.Six part series is on 2 DVDs. First DVD is in distribution. More »

March of the Dinosaurs - DVD distrubution

From the creators of "Walking with Dinosaurs" and "Prehistoric Park" comes another amazing documentary. An epic, full length adventure, never before witnessed, based on the latest fossil evidence and with amazing animation. You'll be immersed in a digitally created world of dinosaurs. More »

Slovenian and Serbian Dubbing

From recently, our dubbing service includes, along with Croatian, dubbing on Slovenian and Serbian.             We already have finished some programs successfully dubbed on these languages (Unstable FablesLittle Big Panda, Twisted Whiskers, School For Vampires, Tad, the Lost Explorer; and two series for Nickelodeon: Victorious and Big Time Rush).

Dinology Junior - Workbook 2 - Multimedia

More learning, more fun! With Workbook 2 your child will practice writting, reading, spelling and still have fun with his's friends, the dinosaurs. Workbook 2 focuses on letters, and tasks are made in a way to help the child with the process of learning.                                                                                                                                                           In distibution soon!

Only Fools and Horses - DVD distribution

New edition of one of the most popular British sitcoms. Have fun in the company of  Delboy, Rodney and Grandad, their ups and downs and their futile attempts to get rich.  This edition will remind you why is 'Only Fools and Horses' voted Britain's Best Sitcom. 

Dinology 3D puzzles - Multimedia

In 2013. we are planning to launch children's puzzles (for children over 3 years old)  made in lenticular technology.  More »»

Dinology Junior - Workbook 1 - Multimedia


Class of cheerful dinosaurs is guiding the child through tasks ecouraging him to solve them. With visually appealing and entertaining content, a child exercises hand coordination and prepares hand for writing. Workbook also teaches your child numbers. To see more about Workbook, click here.
Johnny Test - DVD Distribution

Animated series Johnny Test is in distribution. Main character is 11 year old boy who is living with his 13 year old super genius twin sisters. Johhny gets in the numerous fun adventures thanks to his sisters experiments and devices.

Dinology 2

We are working on the other book from the book series Dinology. The book will come out in 2013.
 Take a "sneak peek" in the book Dinology 2 ...


All our software modules that fall under new legislation are expanded  with functions for account fiscalization.
In addition to the existing version specific to the territory of the Republic of Serbia, programs 'eKasa' and 'eCinema'  are working according to Croatian legislation. 
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Prehistoric Park - DVD distribution

One of the most exciting documentary series about dinosaurs. Join Nigel Marvin's journey through time so he could bring back dinosaur species in unique zoo in the present and save them from extinction. This new docu-style format series comes from the creators of  'Walking With Dinosaurs'.

Strawberry Shortcake - DVD distribution

New episodes of Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures ' - are on Croatian market. Find your DVD and enjoy in the new adventures of the popular character.

Synchronization - Audio / Video service

From the last published news to  this date, we synchronized several hundred movies, series and animated movies. More details can be found  in the chapter 'Audio/Video'

Dinology 1 - Multimedia
'Dinology 1' is a book completely made in 3D technology. Book covers the period from the beginning of the Earth to the end of Permian period (250 million years ago).

Read more:

Localization of Nickelodeon's TV Channel - Audio / Video service

1.7.2011. we started with the biggest synchronization project in Croatia. 

Our mission: increase the capacity to 5 audio studios, to synchronize over 700 episodes, and for the first time in Croatia, produce serious synchronized program of motion pictures  -  shows and films, and syncronized animated films -  musicals. For every major role we made voice tests  with three actors per role and localization of announced program on monthly basis. 

Deadline - 6 months.

Client - one of the three biggest children channels - Nickelodeon.

31.12.2011. Mission accomplished!

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