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Lost in the West - Audio / Video Services

This comedy mini-series follows two stepbrothers who accidentally invent a time machine which transports them into 1885. To Wild West, of all places! There, they soon get info conflict with the local mayor. Now they have to find a way out of that messy situation and return to present day, safe and sound.

Our studio dubbed the three episodes of this Nickelodeon live action western series in 2016.

The Loud House - Audio / Video Services

If you're watching The Loud House, prepare ear plugs because it's neither quiet nor boring there. Reason: 11 lively children. The main hero of this animated Nickelodeon comedy series is Lincoln. As he is the only son, he tries to survive each new day in a household with 10 sisters, with help from his friend Clyde. Despite their disagreements, affection always wins in this family.

We have been dubbing The Loud House since 2016.

Rufus - Audio / Video Services

Manny has transferred schools and he is worried about fitting in. After he accidentally turns Rufus, the family dog, into a boy, Manny is unsure what to do. So he enrolls him into school where Rufus goes around asking for belly rubs or chasing squirrels. This strange behaviour actually makes im quite popupular, which makes Manny jealous. He has yet to realize that a dog really is a man's best friend.

We dubbed this Nickelodeon short film in 2016.

Huevos: Little Rooster Egg-cellent Adventure - Audio / Video Services

Rolo has always been a scrawny and timid little rooster who, despite that, dreamed of becoming a boxer. When his farm is threatened, our hero has to transform into a brave rooster and face a boxing champion in the ring and that way save the farm. We dubbed this animated feature into Croatian in 2016.

Christmas Tales Picture Books - Multimedia

Before Christmas 2015, we published a pair of festive picture books with stories from animated TV shows such as Dora the Explorer, Team Umizooimi, SpongeBog SquarePants and Bubble Guppies. These favourite Nickelodeon heroes saved Christmas in their own way. One thing is for certain: with them, this winter holiday can never be boring.

Game Shakers - Audio / Video Services

This Nickelodeon comedy show follows Babe and Kenzie, two friends who make a game app as a school project and as it turns out, that changes their lives. After the game proves to be very successful, they decide to star a game development company. Their friend Hudson, rapper Double G and Triple G, his son, join them.

We have been dubbing this series into Croatian two seasons in a row.

Bubble Guppies - Audio / Video Services

In the underwater world of little fish guppies something interesting is always going on. Thanks to Mr. Grouper, their teacher. they learn something new every day. And like always, these school mates are very different. Nevertheless, they are always ready to help others and they never miss a chance for an adventure.

We dubbed all four seasons of this Nickelodeon animated preschool series.

Opean Season: Scared Silly - Audio / Video Services

The hillarious fourth installment of Sony's Open Season franchise follows the big bear Boog in his adventures with his lively friends, dachshund Mr. Weenie and Elliot the dear. Boog's friends decide to beat Boog's fear in and odd way: by scaring him! They'll go on a search for the creepy forest werewolf, but they'll mostly find trouble along the way.

We dubbed this animated feature into Croatian in 2015.

Fireman Sam - Audio / Video Services

Our Zagreb based studio dubbed the 6th season of this extremely popular animated show. It was also the first season made in the format of CGI animation. However, some things stayed the same. Fireman Sam was still brave and fearless. With help from his fellow firemen, he spent each day helping the people of Pontypandy who were in trouble.

Winx - Season 7 - Audio / Video Services

The seventh season of this series revolves around powerful fairy animals from a magic universe. Each one possesses a secret that maintains order in the universe. Winx Club, with help from their good friend Roxy, have to protect these magical creatures from an evil fairy that has wicked plans. She wants to use fairy animals as her evil army.

We dubbed the seventh season of this popular series into Croatian, as well.

Ni Hao Kai-Lan - Audio / Video Services

Throughout three seasons, this preschool animated series taught kids how to recognize and creatively solve problems. Plus, each episode featured a word in Chinese. It was set in California, in Chinatown, and it followed Kai-Lan and her colourful circle of friends and acquintances.

Ni hao Kai-lan was dubbed into Croatian by our studio in Zagreb.

Dinology Junior - Activity Book 6 - Multimedia

The sixth children's activity book offers kids an opportunity to learn something new, in a fun and educational way. In this case, it's the English language. With the help from dinosaurs, they'll solve different exercises and successfully learn the basics of English.

This activity book is yet another edition of Dinology Junior educational activity books.


100 Things to Do Before High School - Audio / Video Services

Three best friends are determined to make the best out of the final two years of middle school. That's why they make a list of 100 things to do before high school. Naturally, to achieve their goal, they're in for all sorts of shenanigans.

The first and only season of this Nickoledon comedy series was dubbed in our studio from 2015 to 2016.

Liar Liar Vampire - Audio / Video Services

After Davis transfers to a new school, he has concerns like any other teenager - whether he'll fit in in a new environment and find new friends. But he is more than surprised when be becomes the most popular boy because a very peculiar rumour appeared about him - that he is a vampire. Seeing that he became almost a celebrity, Davis decides to keep the rumour alive with the help from his neighbour Vi.

We dubbed this live action Nickelodeon comedy at the end of 2015.

Fresh Beat Band of Spies - Audio / Video Services

These animated spies lead seemingly ordinary lives. They live in a small town and go to their jobs every morning, be it in a pet center, cupcake bakery or hair salon. But in this town, wacky and apparently unsolvable mysteries tend to occur. This is when they spring into action. With different talents and gadgets, they'll get behind every mystery, while enjoying themselves and singing.

We have dubbed the first and only season of this Nickelodeon series.

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