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3D Puzzle - Distribution

If you think that dinosaurs are fascinating and you like putting pieces together, we have something that will blow your mind. Puzzles with 3D images of dinosaurs.

Puzzles are intended for children over 3 years old. 


Dinology Junior - Workbook 4 - Multimedia

We started working on the forth children's workbook. It covers science for first graders. So, stay tuned!

Mia and Me - Audio / Video service

Beautiful movie about a girl named Mia in mysterious world of elves, unicorns, pans and dragons. 




Winx - DVD distribution

Follow the magical adventures of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha.  Cartoon series Winx Club is now available on four DVDs.

The Black Adder - DVD distribution

 If you like a sharp British humor, The Black Adder is something you'll definitely love. Edmund  Blackadder, embodied by Rowan Atkinson, in four seasons of this series appears in four different  historical periods, but always as the reincarnation of his predecessor. Black humor, distortion of  history, making fun of the nobility are just a few features that make this series one of the best British  series of all time. The Black Adder is now available on four DVDs.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - DVD distribution

 The team of four anthropomorphic turtles and their rat sensei are fighting against villains and trying  to save  the  world from the evil invader, Krang. Series is now available on four DVDs.

Sofia the First

New Disney princess, Sofia, who became a princess overnight will grow into the heart of the youngest audience. Sofia shows that being a princess doesn't just mean to wear expensive gowns and shiny tiaras, but what is inside really counts. Of course, lot of singing is guaranteed.

Ernest i Celestine - dubbing

The story of an unlikely friendship between a bear, Ernest, and a young mouse named Celestine will touch the hearts of  the viewers of all ages. Beautiful 2D animation and an excellent dubbing made by our studio helped to create this magical movie for Croatian audience. More»

Tad Jones, the Lost Explorer
Tad Jones dreams to be famous archaeologist and adventurer just like his hero Max Mordon. But instead of the archaeological sites, his every day life consists of working at construction sites. But then he accidentally ends up in Peru in search of the lost city Paititi.
Dubbing for this animated cinema hit is made by our studio. More»
Dinology Junior - Workbook 3 - Multimedia

With the third workbook from the Dinology series, your child will become a little mathematician and will learn basic mathematical concepts. "Workbook 3" in the distribution. More »»

Iron Man - DVD distribution

Animated series based on Marvel comics superhero Iron Man brings us classical battle 'good against evil'. 'Iron Man' DVDs are in distribution.

Twisted Whiskers - DVD distribution

Twisted Whiskers is CG-animated anthology program of crazy Loony-Tunes-type humor. It features our cast of lovable and idiotic house pets, stray animals, some lost, some pampered and spoiled, each story from the pet's point of view. Although they occasionally talk, our cast are real animals in their reactions and their interactions, not simply humans disguised as animals as in other cartoons with talking animals.

DVDs are in distribution.

Jane Fonda - Audio / Video

Exercise again with Jane Fonda! Altough into her 70s, Jane Fonda is still comitted to fitness and she recorded two new fitness videos, 'Fit and Strong' and 'Walk Out',  intended for older exercisers, or those who are simply starting out. Jane Fonda says that to achieve and / or to preserve a healthy body, your mind should be kept happy too, and exercise is the best antidepressant!

Planet Dinosaur - DVD distribution

From the deadliest killers to the biggest and strangest beasts, Planet Dinosaur brings to life a new and terrifying world of dinosaurs.This series uses the latest CGI and cutting edge research to reveal the deadly secrets of these new giants.Six part series is on 2 DVDs. First DVD is in distribution. More »

March of the Dinosaurs - DVD distrubution

From the creators of "Walking with Dinosaurs" and "Prehistoric Park" comes another amazing documentary. An epic, full length adventure, never before witnessed, based on the latest fossil evidence and with amazing animation. You'll be immersed in a digitally created world of dinosaurs. More »

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