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All our software modules that fall under new legislation are expanded  with functions for account fiscalization.
In addition to the existing version specific to the territory of the Republic of Serbia, programs 'eKasa' and 'eCinema'  are working according to Croatian legislation. 
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Prehistoric Park - DVD distribution

One of the most exciting documentary series about dinosaurs. Join Nigel Marvin's journey through time so he could bring back dinosaur species in unique zoo in the present and save them from extinction. This new docu-style format series comes from the creators of  'Walking With Dinosaurs'.

Strawberry Shortcake - DVD distribution

New episodes of Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures ' - are on Croatian market. Find your DVD and enjoy in the new adventures of the popular character.

Synchronization - Audio / Video service

From the last published news to  this date, we synchronized several hundred movies, series and animated movies. More details can be found  in the chapter 'Audio/Video'

Dinology 1 - Multimedia
'Dinology 1' is a book completely made in 3D technology. Book covers the period from the beginning of the Earth to the end of Permian period (250 million years ago).

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Localization of Nickelodeon's TV Channel - Audio / Video service

1.7.2011. we started with the biggest synchronization project in Croatia. 

Our mission: increase the capacity to 5 audio studios, to synchronize over 700 episodes, and for the first time in Croatia, produce serious synchronized program of motion pictures  -  shows and films, and syncronized animated films -  musicals. For every major role we made voice tests  with three actors per role and localization of announced program on monthly basis. 

Deadline - 6 months.

Client - one of the three biggest children channels - Nickelodeon.

31.12.2011. Mission accomplished!

One more anniversary

27.11.1988. private IT company, without formal and legal name (nonexistent option in the legal system at that time), was formed and placed in the same tax category as a butchery.  23 years and many legislative improvements later, our story still goes on, and we hope that it will continue for a long, long time.

Agatha Christie Hour - DVD distribution

Hercul Poirot and Miss Marple aren't the only characters created by Agatha Christie whose adventures are followed by millions of readers.  Based on ten short stories written by Agatha Christie, without this two,  this superb British crime series is created. All ten episodes are released on 5 DVD-s. 

The Way Of the Panda - Audio / Video service

This full-length animated movie is a spin-off of  'Kung Fu Panda'. Altough this movie is not about the original panda, we have done our best  to maintain high level quality for Croatian syncronization. 

Planet Hulk - Audio / Video service

The latest  feature film from Marvel studios brings us a new adventures of famous green monster, Hulk. Croatian synchronization of this film was made by our audio/video studio.



Prapovijesni park - DVD distribucija

Svi ste čuli za legendarnu BBCevu dokumentarnu seriju 'Šetnja s dinosaurima'. Produkcijska ekipa odgovorna za nastanak te kultne serije proizvela je novu, još zahtjevniju seriju koja donosi apsolutno zapanjujuću kombinaciju najsuvremenije računalne animacije i igranih dijelova. Svih 6 epizoda ove serije možete pronaći na tri DVDa u redovnoj distribuciji.

Casperova škola straha - DVD distribucija

Svima dobro znani lik dobrog duha Caspera ponovo stiže na male ekrane u osvježenoj, 3D računalnoj animaciji. U ovoj ćete seriji vidjeti svakodnevne zabavne dogodovštine kroz koje Casper prolazi u društvu svojih prijatelja u sasvim jedinstvenoj školi straha. Serija se nalazi u redovnoj DVD distribuciji na 4 DVDa.

Vragolasti Denis - DVD distribucija

U distribuciji je animirana serija Vragolasti Denis koja dolazi na 4 dvd-a sa ukupno 26 epizoda.

Wolverine i X-Men - DVD distribucija

Počeli smo sa distribucijom DVD naslova Wolverine i X-Men. Vrhunska animirana serija u produkciji je Marvela i prati avanture Wolverinea, najpopularnijeg X-Mena.

Pop Pixie - Audio / Video usluge

Za Tisak i RTL počeli smo sa izradom hrvatske lokalizacije animirane serije Pop Pixie.

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