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Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn - Audio / Video Series

To ensure that quiet and boredom never enter the Harper house, we have quadruplets Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. Though born practically at the same time, they have nothing in common and spend most of their time fighting. However, they can't get by without each other and together handle all kinds of crazy everyday situations.

Our studio has been dubbing this comedy series for four seasons in a row.

Wanda and the Alien - Audio / Video Series

Wanda the rabbit and the four-eyed alien come from two different worlds, but that won't stop them from becoming very good friends. While travelling between these two worlds, they learn not only about their differences, but also their similiarites. With a healthy dose of fun and laughter along the way, of course.

You can find interesting games and other content from the world of Wanda and the Alien at

Splitting Adam - Audio / Video Services

Adam is a boy who plans to spend an unforgettable summer, with help from something more than just good organizational skills. After he stumbles upon a cloning machine and learns how to use it, he is convinced he found the solution to all his problems since the clones will do all his chores while he enjoys his summer break. However, things soon get out of hand when Adam realizes his clones are slowly degenerating. 

We dubbed this live action film into Croatian in 2015.

Harvey Beaks - Audio / Video Services

The hero of this Nickelodeon produced series is Harvey Beaks, a friendly little bird who spends most of his time with his mischievous friends, twins Fee and Foo. But Harvey's greatest wish is pretty unusual - he wants to get in trouble! We follow Harvey as he tries to awaken the rebel in him, though he regularly fails at that. 

Little Charmers - Audio / Video Services

Little Charmers is an animated preschool series which follows little enchantresses who have yet to learn how to control and use their powers. The girls will learn how to fly on a broom and make magic potions, but only that. They will also learn the importance of friendship and polite behaviour. Hazel, Lavender and Posie will find fun in each new lesson and charm the youngest viewers.

The two seasons of this children's series were dubbed into Croatian in our studio.

Dora and Friends - Audio / Video Services

Everyone's favourite little explorer is now ten years old and still has a curious mind that leads her to many adventures where she helps those in trouble. The sequel to Dora the Explorer still has the magic of the original, with a small difference: heroines and heroes in Dora and Friends are a little bit older. But they still enjoy exploring and learning new things, always with a healthy dose of fun and games, naturally.

Dragon Flyz - Audio / Video Services

After the cataclysm in the 41st century, dragon riders are waging a war for control of the planet Earth. Their battles are held in inhospitable environment, be it a barren waterless desert or vulcanic area where lava flows in rivers. Heroes of this show found their refuge in an air-borne city called Airlandis. However, they often come down to lower levels where they go through numerous adventures.

Go, Diego, Go! - Audio / Video Services

In this Dora the Explorer spin-off, we follow Dora's cousin Diego. He travels the world and saves animals in trouble, with a faithful companion by his side, Baby Jaguar. As long as they're around, every animal can sleep peacefully because this duo is always ready to help!

The Nickelodeon produced animated series was dubbed into Croatian in our studio.

Roary - Audio / Video usluge

This animated  preschool series follows Roary, a red racing car, and his friends, whether they are different racing cars or mechanics. No matter what Roary is doing - racing, spending a day at the beach or fetching eggs from a local farm - one thing is for certain, the youngest viewers can never be bored when this little car is on.

Dora Saves the Snow Princess DVD - Multimedia

This extended episode dubbed into Croatian sees an evil sorceress who has trapped the Snow Princess into a tower. It is up to Dora and her friends to save not only the poor princess, but also the Snow Forest! Join Dora and her faithful companions in their snowy and frosty adventures.

DVD available since 2015.

Louie - Audio / Video Services

This preschool animated series Louie follows a bunny of the same name who teaches children how to draw. Each episode sees Louie with his friend Yoko, drawing an object, animal or vehicle and educating the smallest kids how to recognize them.

Dubbing of this animated series began at our studio in 2015.

Max and Ruby - Audio / Video Services

Max and Ruby is an animated children's series following two young rabbits. While the younger brother Max is very restless and determined, his seven-year-old sister is very patient. They demonstrate that sibling can solve any argument, ina a very entertaining and educational way.

Dubbed into Croatian.

Blaze and the Monster Machines - Audio / Video Services

Blaze is a red monster truck and together with his driver AJ he helps other trucks in need. Darington, Stripes, Starla and his other friends know they can count on Blaze when the mean Crusher gets in their way and tries to ruin their day.

We have dubbed this animated preschool series produced by Nick JR since 2015.

If you follow Blaze and his adventures, visit and try your hand ih coloring these monster trucks!

Henry Danger - Audio / Video Services

Henry is a teenager who through circumstance becomes a sidekick to the local superhero of the town Swellview. But as any other sidekick who cares about his job, he'll do anything to prevent his friends and family from finding out about it.

This live action comedy series has been dubbed by our studio four seasons in a row.

For more on Henry Danger, go to

Nicky Deuce - Audio / Video Services

Purely by chance, Nicholas, a teenage boy, gets to spend his summer holidays in New York. Accustomed to life in a quiet town, he is in for a surprise as he finds out that his New York relatives are in fact a mafia family!

This live action movie produced by Nickelodeon was successfully dubbed in our studio in 2015.

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