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Jane Fonda - Fit and Strong

Exercise again with Jane Fonda! Altough into her 70s, Jane Fonda is still comitted to fitness and she recorded two new fitness videos, 'Fit and Strong' and 'Walk Out',  intended for older exercisers, or those who are simply starting out.                                     

There are two 25-minute workouts on this DVD, a Level 1 and a Level 2. Both can be done seated and standing, with light weights. These workouts get at nearly every muscle group, gently but thoroughly.                                                                                               

'Staying active has been my key to aging successfully. Regular exercise not only burns calories, it also dramatically improves both body and brain functions. My Fit & Strong DVD includes two 25-minute workouts that will burn fat, tone and shape every major muscle group and strengthen your core. Make a habit of doing these workouts and you’ll look and feel your best.'  (Jane Fonda)                   

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