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The development and production of business software and other software solutions has been the main activity of the company since the beginning of 1988. Our products and solutions were developed following the evolution of computer technology. They include MS-DOS single user program, solutions for more users suitable to work in a computer network, the complete program solutions under MS-Windows platform, the Internet communication as well as promotional and educational programs developed though state-of-the-art tools.

Nowadays over 100 users use our programs, some of which are extraordinarily complex, large and challenging. We can offer solutions for all standard types of commercial, service or business production activities and accountancy. Or we can manufacture special software which will carry out defined tasks.

All the programs are made in order to use MS-Windows advantages such as:

* Click the link to get a full description
of the eOne program package

We would like to bring attention to the fact that in 2001, in cooperation with a GSM operator VipNET , we produced and maintained a system for booking cinema tickets including direct mobile or internet booking and picking up tickets at the information stands. All sales were registered as part of a telephone bill.

* Click the link to get a full description of the eCinema program package


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