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Read Along: Paw Patrol - Ice Team

We proudly present first product within Appic Adventure project.

It is a series of collectible cards and charms based on famous brand 'Paw Patrol'.
You can collect charms and place them on designated wristbands, shoe laces, children sun visors and other products.

Through augmented reality (AR) app called ReadAlong you can make cards alive.
The app will bring digital story called 'Ice Team' on top of the card. The app is fully dubbed to Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian languages. Besides story itself the app will entertain children through comprehensive educational content, interactive quiz shows and spelling teaching feature.

You can find more info here: see more

You can downlod Android version here:

You can download iOS version (iPhone, iPad) here:

Paw Patrol Slap-On Watch

You can find these children's watches with characters from world famous series Paw Patrol in selected stores in Croatia. From now on, your favourite rescue pups will make sure that you are not late for school or that your friends are waiting only for you on the playground. Rubble, Everest, Chase, Marshall and Skye will be happy to let you know the time with these new, colourful slap-on watches. Being on time was never more fun!

Beccas Bunch - Audio / Video Services

Becca and her gang live in a lively forest community where something interesting always happens. Pedro, Russel and Sylvia are her bunch and with their help, Becca takes on the role of mayor, starts a bend and spends each day going through new adventures.

This Nick JR animated series has been dubbed in our studio since 2018. Interesting games and activities with Becca and her bunch await at

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Audio / Video Services

This popular animated series takes place in Paris and follows two seemingly ordinary highshoolers, Marinette and Adrien. But, they transform into superheroes whenever citizens of Paris are in danger from supervillains akumatized by the evil Hawk Moth. With help from their kwamis, Marinette as Ladybug and Adrien as Cat Noir, they always readily come to the rescue. Although, they keep their identities a secret, even from one another. In 2018, we dubbed the first season into Croatian in our Zagreb studio.

Frankie and Frank - Audio / Video Services

Frankie and Frank are two goofy puppets that will introduce something new to the youngest viewers in each new episode. Whether it's numbers, the alphabet or something else, this duo will educate preschoolers in a fun way.

We dubbed this educational short form series for Nick JR in 2018.

Blurt - Audio / Video Services

Jeremy is a teenager who reluctanly expresses his opinions and is afraid to stand up for himself. But that will change after he tries on virtual reality goggles in a shopping mall. Jeremy suddenly loses the power to control himself and blurts out whatever is on his mind at the moment. Naturally, this means trouble.

We dubbed this Nickelodeon film into Croatian in 2018.

Hoppi Tales - Audio / Video Services
Somewhere, in the center of the world, there is a quiet valley you won't find on a map. In the valley, there is a small town, quite extraordinary as hoppies live and work there. They prepare holidays and festivities for people around the world. While everybody is busily running around, they make sure everyone can enjoy holidays. Birthdays, Christmas, carnevals, Halloween, Hanuka. And of course, Chinese New Year. We dubbed this educational animated series for preschoolers into Croatian in 2018.
Bamse and the City of Thieves - Audio / Video Services

A quaint little town lived in harmony until the bad Reynard fox decided to encourage thieves to steal and bring discord among its inhabitants, but Bamse will interfere with his plan. He's a brave bear who gets incredible strength by drinking magic honey potion. Together with his firends, Little Hop the rabbit and Shellman the turtle, he'll do anything to save his grandma and his town.

We dubbed this Swedish animated feature into Croatian in 2018.

Stikbots - Audio / Video Services

In early 2018 we started the project of dubbing amateur stop-motion clips with popular Stikbot figues. So far, we've dubbed short-form webisodes of the following series: Off the Grid, Tails of the Strange, Misadventures of Stikbot and Sorta Scary Monster Movie.

For the latest episodes in Croatian, follow the YouTube channel Stikbot Hrvatska.

Bush Baby World - Audio / Video Services

Join the Dreamstars in the magical Bush Baby World. These Bush Babies take care of the dream tree so that each night the flower crown sends out dream dust into the sky and everyone can have sweet dreams.
We have been dubbing short-form episodes of this animated series since 2018. They are available on the YouTube channel Bush Baby Svijet (


Trenk, the Little Knight - Audio / Video Services

Trenk is a ten-year-old peasant boy who dreams of becoming a knight and freeing his family from their feudal master Sir Wertolt. Even though his sword is heavier than himself, Trenk won't give up and he'll train to become ready to face vicious enemies and rescue damsels in distress.

We provided dubbing services into Croatian for this animated film in 2018.

Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie - Audio / Video Services

Continuing where Nickelodeon series Hey, Arnold! left off, this film follows Arnold after he wins a trip for his entire class to San Lorenzo jungle. With help from his friends, Arnold will stop at nothing to find out the whereabouts of his long lost parents. But that won't be an easy task as evil treasure hunters get in their way.

We dubbed this animated feature film into Croatian in 2018.

Top Wing - Audio / Video Services

Top Wing Academy for cadets becomes a home to four young birds in training for rescue missions. Swift is a blue jay, team member in charge of aerial missions in his flashwing. By his side is Brody, a specialist for water rescue, Penny the penguin who likes to be chilling and krilling with her krillicles, and Rod, a slightly sheepish rooster who cock-a-doodle-does solve problems, nonetheless. They'll learn many lessons during their training and you can find out how would you do in a Top Wing mission by visiting

We've started dubbing this Nick JR preschool animated series in 2018.

Instant Mom - Audio / Video Services

Stephanie Phillips is a blogger and party girl whose life changes after she marries Charlie, father of a teenage daughter and two grade school sons. All of a sudden, Stephanie has to juggle her once relaxed lifestyle with responsobilites that come with parenting. Her mom Maggie helps her with that task. And sometimes makes it more difficult.

We have been dubbing Instant Mom comedy series into Croatian since 2018.

See Dad Run - Audio / Video Services

After a long acting career, David Hobbs has to stay home with the kids because his wife, a soap opera star, is working again. Even though David easily played dad in the series that made him famous, he'll soon realize that the role of a father in real life is much more demanding.

We began producing Croatin dub for this sitcom in 2018.

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