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Multimedia - Zezalica

We produced a multimedia CD-ROM ZEZALICA for a magazine "Dječji Klub" in cooperation with our partner EPH. The content is based on flash technology and contains 4 games where the main characters are Kika and Dado – characters covered by the “Dječji Klub”. Here you can also find the main information about all the sponsors who help in this project production.





The aim of the game is to save a given number of Kunas in a certain period of time. If time passes or the given number exceeds, then a player has scored that number of points. If the player guesses the exact amount, he gets extra points as a reward. The quicker the player collects that given savings the higher extra points are. To see the next coin to fall, click HYPO HELP and it will appear in the left upper corner.


In a given period of time a player should end his trip and collect a number of points. To get points the player should collect BAMBI shoes. If he ends a map successfully he moves to the next one. The game ends when the player ends successfully all the maps and find BAMBI.


A player collects ingredient elements which are necessary to make chocolate (cacao, milk, hazelnut). When the player has the minimum for making chocolate, one element of each ingredient, he gets one point that means he has made one bar of chocolate. The aim of the game is to make as many bars of chocolate as possible before the time is over.


The aim of the game is to collect all MIKADO objects before the time is over in order to get an access to a new map. The goal is to reach the end and get a gift of ZVEČEVO production.

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