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Multimedia - Garfield From Begining

The game is directed at children between the age of 3 and 4. But, it can also be a challenge for older children as well. The game was produced in cooperation with preschool teachers and using the material of pedagogical institutions.

There are 6 different games and four of them are subdivided:




The game ANIMAL KINGDOM takes children to the animal world which they can relate to at this age. The game is subdivided into 3 parts and each can teach children the basics about over 30 types of animal species. They can recognize animals by searching according to the type title or recognize animals by the sounds they produce.


The game PLANT WORLD teaches children the basics about plants which they see in everyday life. There is also an option to play two games: to recognize plants by their names and to recognize plants by a specific colour.



The next game is called RICHNESS OF COLOURS and here a child can play two games: to recognize an object by a specified colour or to define the colour of a displayed object.



The game called SMALL MATHS is a game used to introduce the basics of maths to a child (smaller - bigger, thicker - thinner, longer - shorter) and to recognize a set by the number of elements. The game is subdivided into 4 variants.


MEMO is an amusing game where a child should match pairs of pictures of the same type.



PAINTING BOOK is an amusing game where a child can paint black and white pictures of Garfield.



We would like to emphasize that GARFIELD: FROM THE BEGINNING has a wide range of possibilities to set- up options. So, the game can be played with or without a scoring system within a limited time (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 seconds) or without any time limits. Or a set number of card couples for MEMO, etc.
Play with Garfield!

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