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Multimedia - Renata Sopek 2

A DVD with attractive Renata Sopek is based on training with an elastic band included into a group of exercises under the name of "Body shaping exercises":

The elastic band is a new trend in training and is also called "a pocket gym" because it's very practical and easy to use. Using the elastic band you can immediately regulate and change the loading. You can find more details in the DVD manual or in the "Training instructions" on this DVD.

This DVD give you the opportunity of simple and amusing training wherever you are – at home or traveling – without going to a fitness centre. Renata recommends doing exercises with this DVD at least 3 times a week and the success is guaranteed. 
If you want to lose weight use the set of exercises called "Exercises for losing weight". At the end of each training relax doing the exercises called "Exercises for relaxation".

In our special manual you will find a nutritionist's advice on how to get into good shape - the right combination of diet and training will help you get the results you want.

The DVD package includes: 


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